PIXEL  strongly believes in remaining innovative by adopting the latest technologies to provide its customers with the best solutions and services possible. We have combined years of continuous research, and working experience, with the latest Geospatial Technology platforms to deliver customized solutions and business-impacting services. PIXEL  has partnered with technology providers and third-party vendors of all recognized Geospatial COTS and Technology Platforms.

Broadband Network Design

PIXEL has been at the forefront of adopting evolving technologies within the communications industry. As a service provider, we work on transforming client networks to deliver next-generation services while reducing capital expenditures and operational costs. PIXEL is proud to utilize solutions from the following technology vendors to provide services to our customers worldwide.

Interoperability and Data Integration

PIXEL delivers interoperability and data integration services focused on enabling different systems to work together seamlessly while concentrating on combining and harmonizing data from various sources into a unified and reliable dataset. PIXEL, a partner of Safe Software, Canada for close to two decades with its FME-certified professionals, is uniquely qualified to deliver these services.

Geographic Information System(GIS)

PIXEL has expertise in developing custom applications using various software platforms to provide GIS technical consulting and integration services to deliver an Enterprise GIS solution and maximize the Return on Investment (ROI).