PIXEL's Advanced Geospatial Services and Solutions

Redefining the landscape of geospatial services, ensuring a remarkable return on investment.

PIXEL’s Geospatial Services combine strategy, design, state-of-the-art technology, and sound industry knowledge to deliver services and solutions at speed and scale. With the focus on innovation using cutting-edge technologies, our team of experts provide geospatial services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, empowering organisations and businesses with actionable insights and tangible ROI.

PIXEL’s Geospatial Services include:

  • Geospatial Consulting
  • Interoperability and Data Integration
  • Web and Mobile Applications
  • Customised Geospatial Applications
  • Asset Management Solutions

Geospatial Consulting

In a world where location intelligence is paramount, our geospatial consulting services stand at the forefront, offering strategic insights and innovative solutions. From spatial analytics, best practices, enterprise data integration to managing geospatial implementation, we navigate the complexities of geospatial data and processes to empower businesses. Our team of experts harness the power of spatial technology to unlock untapped potential, providing clients with a competitive edge in a dynamically evolving landscape ensuring a remarkable return on investment.

Let us navigate you through the spatial realm, transforming data into actionable intelligence for unparalleled success.

PIXEL’s Geospatial Consulting includes but not limited to:

  • Establish data governance frameworks
  • Standardize geospatial data formats and establish interoperability between different systems
  • Implement standardized workflows for data collection, analysis, and dissemination
  • Ensure data quality and accuracy
  • Foster collaboration among interdisciplinary teams and stakeholders for successful geospatial data management
  • Compliance with privacy and security standards for responsible management of geospatial data
  • Integration with other technologies
  • Training

Geospatial Strategy and Planning

Unlock the potential of technology investments

Enhance situational awareness

Optimize operational costs

Interoperability and Data Integration

We understand that data is only as valuable as its quality and integrity. Data is a critical business asset in every organization, but working with data can be challenging. Data integration is crucial for organizations that operate with multiple systems because it allows them to have a comprehensive view of their data assets, make informed decisions, and extract valuable insights.

PIXEL’s interoperability and data integration services focus on enabling different systems to work together seamlessly while concentrating on combining and harmonizing data from various sources into a unified and reliable dataset. To maintain data quality, accuracy, and integrity, we provide data transformation and integration services that cater to a range of formats, data types, and industry workflows.

PIXEL, a partner of Safe Software, Canada for close to two decades with its FME-certified professionals, is uniquely qualified to deliver these services. Leading these efforts is a team of experts who have extensive experience empowering our customers to make the most of their data.

Web and Mobile Application for GIS

Experience the seamless integration of geospatial data with our advanced web applications for GIS. Our intuitive platforms empower users to explore, analyze, and visualize spatial data effortlessly, fostering informed decision-making. From interactive maps to real-time data updates, our web applications redefine the landscape of GIS, providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience for a diverse range of industries.

PIXEL’s cross-platform mobile applications for GIS are designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, enabling users to interact with and leverage geospatial data in a mobile context. Our mobile apps leverage the capabilities of mobile hardware, such as GPS, cameras, and touchscreens, to allow users to interact with geospatial data, maps, and location-based information while on the go.

The mobile applications range from accessing data from the field, editing and updating field data, mapping and visualization, real-time access to data, and more.

Customised Geospatial Applications

Elevate your geospatial capabilities with our tailored geospatial solutions. Our Customized Geospatial Applications are meticulously crafted using niche technologies to address your unique needs, seamlessly integrating advanced spatial technology with your specific workflows. From bespoke GIS tools to personalized mapping applications, we design solutions that optimize your processes, enhance decision-making, and unlock the full potential of your spatial data resulting in tangible return on investment. Experience the precision of customization, where every feature and functionality is designed with your objectives in mind, ensuring a transformative and efficient geospatial experience.

Asset Management Solutions

Domain and Technology expertise has enabled PIXEL to work on High Resolution Satellite Images, Aerial Photos and LiDAR Point Clouds to extract features and build GIS databases for asset management solutions covering Highways and Urban Roads.

Geospatial Services

Enterprise GIS

Data and Systems Integration

Geospatial Systems Architecture